Considering "Subway Hero" Carlos Flores made his daring rescue because he wanted to make it to work on time, you'd think that his boss at Gristedes would be a bit more appreciative. But apparently he just gave Flores a commemorative certificate and said, "It takes somebody special to do that, and we want to recognize you as somebody special in our company and in our city." Ok, so he did give Flores's son a $500 check for a PS3, but the kid didn't even do anything! What good is being a subway hero if you can't even get a PS3 of your own?

Flores of course was modest and thankful to Gristedes owner John Catsimatidis, saying, "I just wanted to make it to work. It was a Sunday, and on Sundays, [we get paid] time and a half. I was just thinking of my son and what he wants for Christmas." And at least now that his son already has the PS3 he can spend all that extra cash on something else. This tasteful eye massager, perhaps.