Smoke Gets in Your Clothes
2006_4_health_nosmoking.jpgAh. There's nothing like hitting a bar, tying one on, getting home, passing out, and not smelling like cigarette smoke. The NY Post reports that the number of complaints of illegal smoking in bars and restaurants continued to drop last year. There are also 200,000 fewer smokers in the City compared with four years ago. Gothamist Health can't believe that it's already been almost 3 years since the smoking ban went into effect but we're excited to just smell like gin and sour defeat when we leave the local pub.

Planet of the Grapes
2006_4_health_vegan.jpgWant to help make the world a better place this Earth Day? Are you sick of all of this pollution? Are you really lazy? Good. So are we. But there's a way to pitch in without going crazy: go vegan! Well not completely. Eating even one fewer hamburger a week may make a difference. According to a forthcoming report in Earth Interactions, the burning of fossil fuels used to make food and the non-carbon dioxide emissions that come with maintaining cattle also contribute to green house gases. So a vegan, and even a vegetarian diet, may be better for the environment than a carnivorous one. And just when you thought your vegan friend was preachy enough...

Why you're fat
Newsflash: You watch too much TV.

Why you're sad and hurting yourself
Newsflash: You're a Goth.