gothamist_health_master_small.jpgNumbing the Pain

We mentioned yesterday that teens most affected by the 9/11 attacks drank and smoked more than their peers after that day. The study, conducted by Columbia's School of Public Health, said that high school students directly exposed to the tragedy were almost twice as likely to abuse booze and cigarettes than those not “severely” affected. But the trend was also seen in firemen who worked at the site, showing a 30% increase in smoking after the attacks. But a new smoking cessation program sponsored by the FDNY has had enormous success.

The Whole Truth

A few months ago, the city Health Department introduced a new initiative to get bodegas in the outer boroughs to offer 1% fat milk. Despite our hopes for this making a large nutritional impact, it turns out that even though customers are actually buying the low-fat stuff, most still seem to prefer the good old fully-bodied version.

Yes, Chocolate is Bad for Your Pet

2006_5_health_chocodog.jpgDude. There was this one time in high school when my friend Matt totally wasn't looking and we gave a piece of chocolate to his dog and it got sick and, like, almost died. Seriously, it really happened. Seriously.
Newsflash: Most People Would Prefer to Be Thin and Poor than Fat and Rich.