2006_8_health_racoons.jpg+ City air unsafe for mosquitoes, asthmatics as the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene continues its shock and awe bombardment of the West Nile carrying buggers. Helicopters will be spraying parts of the Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island with pesticide through Friday morning. Only one person has been infected with the disease this year compared with 14 last year.

+ Anorexic ladies, we feel your pain: skinny dudes have societal pressures too.

+ Overweight not long for this world, should consider buying candy jar that will shock if they get too close.

+ Internet great for kids doing research, buying booze.

+ New York Manatee summering in Cape Cod!

+ First they get you hooked on a Crackberry, then they jack up the price (or say you can’t have them at work anymore).

+ Animal update: Raccoons, killer bees unite to destroy man. Kangaroos too busy doin’ it to hurt anyone. Chinese panda released from captivity, Falun Gong members not as lucky. And after all the hype, the long awaited release of snakes in a theater.

+ What else we learned this week: Hornets sting, can ruin summer and Manhattan dentists make some sweet bank (but less than hedge fund dudes who couldn't give an F that hornets sting, can ruin summer).