On the Down Low

gothamist_health_master_small.jpgThe Daily News reports that 10% of New York men who claim to be straight are having sex with other men in what has been dubbed the down-low phenomenon. These findings (from a 2003 survey) were published in the Annals of Internal Medicine (please, no snickering) which also relayed that 70% of this subgroup consisted of married men. An assistant health commissioner also suggested that these men are less likely to use condoms than actual self-identified gay men. On the bright side, the article notes that New Yorkers with AIDS are actually living longer, thanks to medications, and a quarter are dying from the same non-AIDS related causes that kill the rest of us.

+ While you waste your life, 3-inch-long fish are protecting New York's drinking water and sending emails to officials when they sense danger. Seriously.

+ The Columbia Spectator writes about a new New York State Liquor Authority ban on liquor licenses but reassures undergrads that Columbia area bars are not affected. Whew.

+ The latest nerd research fails to find a way to score with chicks but figures out a way to get extra soda out of vending machines.

+ It seems nature keeps creating species as fast as we can wipe them out. Her latest work of horror? Sharks with legs!

+ And if you really want to, you can read about the world's first penis transplant and why it failed.