A Big Apple a Day…

gothamist_health_master_small.jpgFinally, it looks like New Yorkers may be getting healthier. The Daily News reports that we’re seeing the doctor more, smoking less, and having more cancer screenings. This is in keeping with the Take Care New York initiative, which was set up 2 years ago which set up 10 health goals for the City. This is what led to the major crackdown on smoking in bars, free nicotine patches, and aggressive HIV and cancer screening. Strangely, battling obesity wasn’t on the list of goals because it’s thought of as more of a national plague than a local one – even though it shows no signs of improving.

Some stats (courtesy of the Daily News):

+ 13% fewer New Yorkers smoked last year than in 2002.
+ 290,000 more had regular doctors.
+ 300 fewer people died of AIDS in 2005 than in 2002,
+ 176 fewer were killed by alcohol and drug abuse.
+ Nearly 150 fewer children had lead poisoning.

Matters that still need some tweaking include low mammogram and flu shot rates.

Newsflash: The Majority Rules

A new study in the Journal of Urban Health shows that the racial majority in segregated parts of New York lives longer than minorities in that area. These results held up particularly for blacks and whites but did not apply as well to Latinos. While the authors didn’t supply reasons for the gap in life expectancies, they suspected that maybe access to greater resources was the cause. Ya think?