The Edward Snowden bust is no more. But like all great art, the brief-but-famous statue has been replaced by a hologram, thanks to a Brooklyn-based projection collective that wasn't about to let The Man silence The People.

The eerie, looming projection was cast in Fort Greene Park last night, over the Prison Ship Martyrs Monument where a guerrilla bust of the whistleblower stood for a few hours yesterday before it was covered and removed by authorities. The projection group responsible for it, The Illuminator, has worked with activist groups all over the world—they cast the Snowden Hologram to maintain the message of the unknown artists who installed the now-expunged statue.

"Inspired by the actions of these anonymous artists, The Illuminator Art Collective recreated the intervention ephemerally by projecting an image of the sculpture into a cloud of smoke," group member Kyle Depew told us in a statement. "Our feeling is that while the State may remove any material artifacts that speak in defiance against incumbent authoritarianism, the acts of resistance remain in the public consciousness. And it is in sharing that act of defiance that hope resides."

Up next: Edward Snowden Living Statue, which would also be a great way to sneak Snowden back into the country.