NYU College Republicans say they are happy with the reaction from their planned "Illegal Immigrant Hunt" at Washington Square Park. They wanted to start a controversy and discussion - and that they did, with hundreds of protesters and more members of the media than actual College Republicans playing the game (by one count, twelve showed up, one signed up). College Republicans president Sarah Chambers told the Washington Square News, "Sometimes, you have to be politically incorrect. Sometimes, you have to be provocative." However, NYU president John Sexton told the NY Times he was disappointed that the group put "sloganeering and trivialization of thought above true debate."

The Washington Square News also have information about the actual game. Apparently a student, David Landsburg, claimed he found the illegal immigrant, but then a protester ripped up Landsburg's certificate. But it turned out that Landsburg "forged the certificate and did not actually win" - the real winner was a College Republican member who spotted club secretary Caitlin Kannall wearing the tag. Kannall said, "People didn't think much of me because so many other protesters at the event were wearing the 'Hello, I'm an illegal immigrant' signs."

What else? Chambers was named the Worst Person in the World last night by Keith Olbermann, which probably makes her a shoo-in for an internship at a conservative think tank. Students from Columbia, which is no stranger to controversy over immigration issues, also protested the event. And the Daily News' Juan Gonzalez has a column about the protest, noting that College Republicans club member Wesley Chan made a big deal about how his parents immigrated "by waiting in line" but then wasn't as prepared when reporters asked about the Chinese Exclusion Act.

Photograph from rkbisinyourface on Flickr who also has a great photo set of the protest