Perhaps spurred on by the H&M ad on the Flatiron building fracas, the City has revised the laws to remove the loophole that let companies challenge fines from the Department of Buildings. The new law will let the DoB give heftier fines of $25,000 but Gothamist wonders if that's a daily fine, because paying $25,000 to keep a billboard in a $250,000 ad space seems do-able, if annoying. And the NY Post says the illegal ad space at Manhattan bound entrance of the Midtown Tunnel went for almost $1 millon a month! The interesting thing about the law is that it will apply to areas near public parks and arterial highways, which we guess are the typical places where companies want to place ads... but what about Times Square and other busy roads, like Houston Street? Or does it not matter since there's so much clutter?

Photograph by Towleroad