2008_01_votehere.jpgNew York State's presidential primary elections has been moved up a month to February 5th this year. But if want to participate in the Super Tuesday frenzy, you better make sure you're registered to vote!

The voter registration deadline for voting the primary is January 11. The City Council's Governmental Operations Committee is organizing voter registration drives that start earlier; committee chair City Coucil member Simcha Felder said, "Voting is an important civic responsibility of all Americans. It would be tragic if someone were unable to vote because they were unaware of the new voter registration deadline."

You can get a voter registration form here. And what is the big deal about a primary? Well, as the NY State Board of Elections says, "The purpose of the presidential primary is to select delegates to a national convention of a political party." For Republicans, who ever wins the primary gets all of NY State's delegates, but for Democrats, candidates win a proportion of delegates which means a number of candidates can walk away with delegates- for more explanation, read this.

Photograph by Vidiot on Flickr