The de Blasio team is trying to raise funds for the new mayor's inauguration, because Harry Belafonte and Susan Sarandon have some big ideas. And so, just as the Obama campaign sent emails and emails and emails (FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, STOP EMAILING ME) to donors asking for cash, de Blasio is turning to his supporters to drum up a little extra money, requesting they sell thousands of dollars worth of tickets to a fundraising dinner this week. And in exchange, they get some hangout time with the man himself.

The fundraising dinner is on Tuesday and costs $4,500-a-plate; according to the Daily News, the de Blasio team contacted supporters asking them to sell a least $25,000 worth of tickets to the event to help pay for things like "production elements of the inauguration and accommodations for guests," according to spokeswoman Lis Smith. And if you raise $50K, you get a special "private reception" with de Blasio, in which he will hopefully teach you the Smackdown and dish on what Bloomberg really said at the Most Miserable Meeting Of Our Time.

Asking supporters to sell inauguration-benefitting tickets is apparently considered a way of skirting legal restrictions pertaining to contributions but, hey, the inauguration is going to be a big party—Steve Buscemi will be there! And if the big ticket prices and private fundraiser meetings call into question the whole "tale of two cities" platform, de Blasio's camp says the dream isn't dead. "Mayor-elect de Blasio is determined to attack New York’s inequality and affordability crises in City Hall and he is committed to finally ending the ‘tale of two cities’ in New York," Smith told the Daily News. We can't always have a billionaire mayor, after all, but it turns out we can still have swanky soirees.