Soon, Manhattan will be covered with more needle-like skyscrapers than a desktop Pin Pression toy. There's Billionaire's Row, for instance, which is expected to skewer Central Park in skinny building shadows; a sore thumb luxury tower will lurk on the Lower East Side; and Lower Manhattan's threatened by this nightmare, to name a few potential glass additions on tap. Indeed, in the future we can expect the city to look a little different—not quite New New York, of course, but that opening shot from West Side Story is definitely outdated.

As you can see from the renderings above, Midtown will look like something out of a Mike Kelley retrospective, what with five million new tax havens and luxury office towers on the way. Lower Manhattan will look a little pincushion-y, too:

(Rendering courtesy CityRealty)

And even the Lower East Side, long home to low-slung tenements, will get an upgrade of sorts, what with new developments like the 80-story Extell Development at One Manhattan Square:

(Rendering courtesy CityRealty)

Of course, these new skylines are all contingent on President Trump not accidentally pressing the red button while looking for his wig tape, so we'll probably never have to worry about them anyway.