2006_02_postkrup.jpgThe NY Post follows up their coverage of the East 18th Street homeowner's dog-poop attack on the girl whose dog pooped in front of his house: Joel Krupnik's admitted he smeared poop on a 13 year old girl, saying, "I'm tired of these people not picking up after their dogs. I took the mess and I rubbed it in her back." The Post makes a point of noting that the 57 year-old Krupnik is 6' 2" and 250 pounds, and when you arm a man that big with Chihuahua poop, he's clearly a forbidding figure. The Criminal Court charged him with criminal mischief, menacing, and harrassment, plus prohibits Krupnik from contacting the girl; but he was released without bail. Gothamist predicts probation and lots of community service - picking up dog poop, maybe. But maybe this is a call for dog owners to wear plastic coverings in case they miss some poop; for instance, what do you do when you dog makes diarrhea on the sidewalk - that's not very easy to scoop!

Yesterday, our commenters mostly agreed that Krupnik was right to be angry about the girl not scooping up her dog's refuse, though acting out in such a way is extreme. And while the Post makes fun of Krupnik for his insane Santa displays and this, you know they love him because he's the New Yorker that just keeps giving them these awesome stories. Stay tuned until April 5, the day after Krupnik's court appearance.

Photograph from the NY Post