It had to happen: Some crazy kids are showing how to do "verts" and some x-treme stuff on that gunning 12 mile per hour power hog, the Segway. Extreme Segway has a few photographs and will be posting tricks later on. Ah, there's nothing like trashing thousands of dollars of goods. It's like when Gothamist tries to open with our teeth, we briefly think about our formerly braces clad teeth and the various headgear assicated with it. Then we carry on.

Gothamist wonders what NY Segway owners consider tricks. Navigating it safely through Fairway? Not getting your Jack Spade bag caught on anyone? The only real Segway trick we've learned of is using it as a conversation starter with young ladies, whose feet were tired from climbing down their office tower's stairs in heels, during the Blackout, as a spry gentleman of a certain age did in Midtown East last August.

Gizmodo reported on the poor man's Segway, the Fakeway from CES.