Because the most talent bankers apparently would rather live in New York City than Connecticut, the Swiss banking firm UBS is considering moving from its massive Stamford, CT headquarters back to the Big Apple. As UBS negotiates a deal at to-be-built 3 World Trade Center, a Stamford man who sells "'a whole lot' of brown-bagged bottles of liquor to UBS employees every evening," tells the NY Times, "You couldn’t pay me to work at a World Trade Center tower. Have they forgotten about 9/11?"

The man, Peter Charpentier, continued, "The State of Connecticut should be begging them to stay. I’m a man who believes in trickle-down economics. You take away UBS and it affects everything and everybody. What happens to all the restaurants? How about the window washers? The elevator operators? The janitors, the gardeners? It would be disastrous." A restaurant owner also says the town will become a "ghost town." But one UBS employee/Manhattan resident loves the idea, "The train ride is like 45 minutes, then I ride my bike through Central Park to get home. If UBS moves back to Manhattan, I’ll save $300 a month in train fare and major aggravation. Awesome."

As for what to do with the huge trading floor—the size of at least two football fields with 103,000 square fee and 40-foot high ceilings—some City Room readers have suggested turning it into a bicycle velodrome, a casino and a skatepark.