With little doubt the Select Bus Services (SBS) on First and Second Avenues in Manhattan and the Bx12 route in the Bronx are a real success for the MTA. But it does have its problems. Like, when the receipt printing machine on the street is out of paper and you get a $100 summons for riding the bus without a ticket even though you own an unlimited MetroCard. Which, yeah, happens. Worse, there doesn't seem to be anything you can do in that situation.

NY1 found at least two bus riders who were smacked with $100 summonses to go before Transit Adjudication Bureau in Brooklyn after riding the bus without a ticket. And both riders say they didn't have a ticket because the ticketing machine at their stop didn't have any paper. "I am upset, because as a paying MTA customer, I should not be subjected to a $100 summons when I have proof I didn't steal services that I'm being accused of stealing," rider Aaron Goldberg, who has an unlimited MetroCard, told the news network.

"They treated you like you were a common criminal, like you were purposely trying to beat a fare, when you're not. Especially when you have your MetroCard out," another rider complained.

The MTA even admits to NY1 that the riders didn't deserve to be given summonses, but still says that they have to come down to Brooklyn for a hearing (would you expect any less?). However the MTA has yet to get back to us when asked what exactly a SBS rider should do in a situation where both of the street machines aren't working—walk to the next stop? Call 311?