It must be Spitzer Hooker Day—Madam Kristin Davis, who claims that former governor Eliot Spitzer was one of her clients (he allegedly got rough with her girls!), updated her blog to announce, "Client number 9 is talking to potential fundraisers and political consultants about a comeback bid. If Eliot Spitzer runs I will also take the plunge and enter the Democratic Primary for New York State Comptroller. I am confident I can gather the necessary signatures to get on the Primary ballot."

Why does Davis want to run against Spitzer? She says, "I will run firstly to highlight the inequities and sexism in our criminal justice system which penalizes women, minorities and poor people while wealthy, connected white men like Eliot Spitzer evade justice. Our system that allows Spitzer to walk on money laundering and violating the Mann act (transporting a prostitute across state lines), but sends Plaxico to prison for seven years for shooting himself in the foot is ripe for real reform." Well, actually Plaxico Burress agreed to do two years, but we get the point.

Last month, Davis complained about Spitzer's gig at a Harvard ethics center.