Tiger Woods' allegedly favorite mistress, Rachel Uchitel, agreed to an in-depth interview with British newspaper The Daily Mail in part to turn around her image as sexy homewrecker. You get observations like, "Like so many women in Los Angeles, she has generously proportioned artificial breasts, plumped-up lips and a body kept whippet-thin with daily two-hour sessions in the gym (she’s clearly obsessed by her weight and constantly asks me if she looks fat)." But Uchitel gets honest about one of our nation's most tragic days, "If things had been different and 9/11 had never happened, my life would have taken a different course. I’d be fat and happy, living in a big house in Long Island with a load of kids."

Uchitel is referring to how her fiance died during the September 11, 2001 attacks at the World Trade Center—a photograph of Uchitel sobbing was on the cover of the NY Post. She said of Andy O'Grady, "We were madly in love and I was the happiest girl in the world. I was working as an assignment editor for Bloomberg News, Andy and I were talking about our future and kids. In Andy I had found my rock, a stable male figure that I’d never had ... then 9/11 happened... Andy and I had just come back from a holiday in Greece. I left for work early that morning. I didn’t kiss him goodbye because I didn’t want to mess my lipstick. It’s something that haunts me."

Uchitel, who said during the filming of Celebrity Rehab "Nobody can f--k with me about 9/11" and recently bought a Manhattan apartment, added, "I’m only telling my story now so that people can discover what sort of girl I am and learn the truth about me. If they still choose to hate me, then so be it. But I never set out to hurt anyone," yes, she regrets having an affair with a married man, and "I am not a whore, nor am I a girl impressed by money or fame. I have a brain and I came from money. I never needed any man’s money."