2006_12_wallpres.jpgCity real estate is a tough market to navigate, so tough that some couples who are splitting up decide to live together until they can find their own places. And then there are the Taubs of Borough Park. Earlier this year, as the couple separated, Simon Taub said that he was going to put a wall down the middle of their home because he didn't want to move and be further from his kids and doctor. And yesterday, the Daily News witnessed the insanity of the "Off-the-wall divorce":

On Wednesday, the city Buildings Department issued Taub a permit for the Sheetrock wall, which slices through two floors of the three-story house on 49th St. the couple shared for 18 years.

As a curious crowd gathered outside, workers hurried to change the locks on Simon Taub's front door while his wife demanded clothing, a fax machine and shoes be brought to her side of the home.

"They're moving my shoes!" she yelled to one of her adult sons. "I need my fax. Just take it, don't ask!"

Soon-to-be ex-wife Chana Taub's sister scoffed at Taub's claim that he couldn't move somewhere else, calling him a millionaire who just wants to torment his wife. However, a neighbor said "We are all against [Chana Taub]" for some reason. Again, we plead that someone make a sitcom about this - so many wacky antics!

Photograph of pressurized wall by The New York Wall Company