2007_04_vote2.jpgOne of the most bizarre City Council elections will be taking place tomorrow. Brooklyn's 40th District gets its second special election to fill the City Council seat vacated by Yvette Clarke, who was elected to Congress. The first special election took place in February, with Mathieu "The Haitian Sensation" Eugene, the Clarke-endorsed candidate, winning handily.

However, Eugene's residency was challenged: He told WNYC's Brian Lehrer right before the election that he did not live in the district, which raised a red flag because candidates are generally supposed to live in the districts they are running in. The City's charter wasn't very clear on residency rules, and Eugene's team started to claim that he had a lease on a 40th District apartment, even though they refused to show lease papers and even though Eugene refused to sign an affidavit saying he lived in the 40th on Election Day. Thus, a special election sequel, as requested by Mayor Bloomberg!

The Sun reports that the second special election is costing $380,000. The extra special election has been fodder for funny campaign literature from Eugene's opponents as well as a last-minute ruling allowing candidate Wellington Sharpe to appear on the ballot. But the most hilarious thing of all is that there will be yet another election later on, because this election is simply to determine who will serve out the term for the rest of the year.

Photograph by Joe Schumacher