Because there's rampant speculation (or at least a dearth of pre-Labor Day stories) that he's being wooed for a possible White House job, Mayor Bloomberg was extra-emphatic that he'll finish out his controversial third term at NYC mayor. The Post's David Seifman asked him, "Are there any circumstances under which you would not serve out the full third term?" to which Bloomberg responded with tantalizing "Yes," adding, "If I died."

Seifman then asked, "Are there any other?" so Bloomberg said, "I suppose total incapacitation would also [be a reason]. Short of that I can't think of any. Thank you very much." The Wall Street Journal reminds us, "Under the City Charter, if there's a vacancy in the mayor's office, the public advocate would temporarily assume the mayor's duties. A nonpartisan special election would be held roughly 60 days after a mayoral vacancy occurs. If no candidate received 40% of the vote in the special election, the two candidates with the most votes would advance to a run-off two weeks later. Depending on when the vacancy occurs in the term, a second election to fill the remainder of the unexpired term would be held at the time of the next general election."