Is your apartment infested with bedbugs, while your landlord doesn't do much about it? Take heart in the case of Peter Young: A judge ruled that Young had to pay only 55% of his rent during the infestation, after Young's landlord sued him when he stopped paying rent because of the "unacceptable" bedbug situation. Young lives on Ludlow Street, in a $1,025/month studio managed by Ludlow Properties. The Post reports that Housing Court Judge Cyril Bedford said that this bedbug case was since the 1900s. Gothamist doesn't think that's the kind of retro those Lower East Side hipsters like. Anyway, Gothamist hopes this news can be of some help to joey at tale of two cities, who has bitter experience with bedbugs.

Ask Gothamist tackled bedbugs a few days ago. And check out the Health Department's information and suggestions on how to handle bed bugs. Some Mexican businessmen had claimed that there are bedbugs at one of the Helmsley hotels, but they settled for $150,000.