Look, we're the first to complain about people parking their whatever in a bike lane, but this story in the Post today about a woman ticketed for parking in a bike lane that doesn't exist is just ridiculous. And worse? Despite two attempts to appeal the ticket over five months, 72-year-old widow Phyllis Cannon finally just gave up and paid the damn thing.

Cannon couldn't even believe the ticket when she first got it in the mail. It said that two months earlier she'd illegally parked in a bike lane at 1820 Hone Avenue. Only problem? There is not, and is currently no plans for, a bike lane on Hone.

Cannon initially challenged the ticket online, but was denied because she didn’t include any documentation. “I didn’t think I had to because there’s no bike lane on Hone Avenue,” she reasoned.
She sent in a second appeal, in writing, but was again denied.
This time, they gave no reason.

Cannon couldn't go and fight the ticket in person, because then she'd have to close the hardware store she's owned for 40 years. Her suspicion for the ticket? Quotas. "It’s like they have a quota they have to get and that’s it," she told the tabloid after sending her payment in.

Still, the battle isn't quite over. The paper has pulled Councilman James Vacca, the council’s transportation chair, into the matter. And like a good pol, he seems unhappy. "This really tops all," he said. "It shows you we have overzealous traffic agents, or traffic agents who don’t know what they’re seeing...What kind of due diligence was done? I’ve never heard of anything like this."