2007_01_escalade.jpgWe thought of one thing after reading the NY Times article about 92nd Street Y nursery school students' drivers clogging up the streets outside the school: Home schooling. Actually, we also thought "congestion tax," but reading about chauffeured SUVs for tiny children would drive most anyone crazy.

The competitive (which also means prestigious) 92nd Street Y Nursery School sent out a letter to parents warning them that if their cars still caused gridlock, then their kids' chances of getting into the 92nd Street Y's other private school programs might be compromised. Now, that is what we call a threat! The NY Times observed this much:

Over the course of four mornings this winter, at least 22 chauffeured S.U.V.’s were seen, most of them repeatedly, waiting in front of the school while parents brought in their children. Most of the cars belonged to families who live between Lexington and Fifth Avenues and 70th to 86th Streets. Subsequent research found that an overwhelming majority of the fathers in these families earn a living in the field of capital management — running money for hedge funds or private equity funds — though there was one television executive and one professional athlete.

Many of the mothers say that the chauffeured SUVs are necessary for errands and because they live far away - like on the Upper West Side (god forbid the child go to a school on the Upper West Side!). There's some suggestion that there are security concerns, but most suspect there's a competition over kids getting dropped off in style. We don't know what to say, except that the Armageddon will come when these kids have to dropped off in those horrible stretch Humvee limos.

And on the topic of nursery school insanity, we interviewed author and former nursery school admissions consultant Karen Quinn two years ago; she said, "I once heard about a father who put on a twenty-slide PowerPoint presentation pitching the advantages of his family and child over other applicants during a parent interview."