After last night's crazy Critical Mass where two cops were hurt, the Idiotarod meeting place was moved from Willamsburg to Fort Greene Park (at the monument) at 2:30PM Everyone was alerted by text message. Looks like fears about the police trying to spoil the fun of pushing shopping carts while elaborately costumed were founded.

Update 1: The racers will run across the east side of the Manhattan Bridge, and the first Manhattan check point will be at Delancey.

Update 2: On the Brooklyn side, at around Plymouth and Water Streets, there are tons of police. It's unclear whether or not the racers will make it over the bridge. Referees are talking to the police, so stay tuned.


Update 3: There are at least six police cars and a paddywagon in Dumbo, in front of the bridge.

2006_1_idiotarod2.jpgUpdate 4: Three teams made it over the bridge, but it looks like cops may be following them throughout the race!!

Update 5: Despite heavy police presence, teams seem to be making it through and are heading towards the finish line at East River Park!

Update 6: [Jake] We've got some pictures up at Flickr [also see Janelle's set.] What an insane race-- changing locations, cops swarming everywhere, and some really insane costumes. Good times. [Related: check out the full Idiotarod stream for lots more pictures over the next couple of days.]


Update 7: We put up a cameraphone clip of the action at the second checkpoint (corner of Clinton and Delancey), and Janelle also put up some video from the same spot.