One of the NYPD's most wanted was arrested yesterday: The 21-year-old Tennessee resident whose selfie atop a Brooklyn Bridge cable brought shame upon New York's Finest.

David Karnauch snapped the shot, with lower Manhattan in the background, in late June, and he was arrested on Sunday in Chattanooga. WRCB reports, "NYPD issued a warrant for his arrest after a July photo on the Brooklyn Bridge. Hamilton County Sheriff's Office picked him up on Sunday on that warrant."

While Karnauch is just another narcissistic millennial looking for the most awesome photo to break Instagram, the stunt represented a failing of the NYPD's promise to be vigilant at the iconic bridge after the July 2014 incident where German artists managed to swap out the bridge's American flags with bleached out American flags. Of course, that was followed by a Russian tourist deciding to scale the bridge—just for fun (and some time in jail) and a French tourist who attempted to scale the bridge, in spite of new barriers.

Karnauch had previously insisted that the bridge was asking for it: "You could just get on a beam and it actually had handrails on the left and right side, and I just walked across the bridge and turned around to take a picture." The NYPD's Deputy Commissioner for Counterterrorism and Intelligence John Miller called him a "knucklehead," pointing out:

He walked across a very safe crossover that has railings, and he got there and he looked up and he saw there was a fence, we have enhanced, working with the Department of Transportation so that it is now very difficult to climb around it, in case you want to changes the flags or something on top, and he looked at that and he said, 'Damn. I'm not getting around that. So I'll take my selfie stick and take this stupid picture and I'll put it on my website, but that's as far as he got. And if he'd stayed there probably a couple of more minutes than it took to get that shot, the roving patrols on the bridge, which are there all the time, would have arrested him or summonses him as they have had others, who have done the same stupid thing.

Karnauch is being held without bond in Chattanooga. WRCB also posted some other dramatic selfies that Karnauch took, raising the possibility he's also broken laws elsewhere. The Chattanooga police said of selfies where Karnauch is posing on local bridges, "There are safe ways in which community members can climb and enjoy outdoor sports responsibly. But, this could be considered dangerous and even illegal if an officer were to come in contact with an individual currently in the act."

Hopefully the authorities also seized Karnauch's selfie stick.