It's Law & Order: Concerned-Child- Who-is-a- Police-Officer Squad! An identity theft ring that targeted the elderly or people with "foreign-sounding" names was busted when a scammer called an old man, only to speak to an NYPD deputy chief - the man's daughter. Eleven people were indicted in Queens for duping people into giving up their credit card number, Social Security number, and other personal details. They would randomly call people, and one of the people they called was Deputy Chief Joellen Kunkel's father. According to the Sun, they called twice, leaving messages, "before Chief Kunkel finally called a phone number left by one of the supposed federal agents to demand that he identify himself." And the Daily News had their exchange:

"He kept saying, 'I'm a fed. I'm Homeland Security. I'm a fed,'" Deputy NYPD Chief Joellen (Cookie) Kunkel said yesterday of the phone call she received from the scammers last May. "And I said, 'I happen to be a chief in the New York City Police Department and I don't know who you are.'

"And he basically hollered out to someone, 'Jerry, we got the wrong people.'"

Ha! Apparently "Kunkel" sounded South Asian. Even though the guy hung up, Kunkel had this phone number and so began "Operation Cookie Cutter." The ring, which included participants in Queens and Boston, had racked up $1 million after stealing hundreds of identities.

Here's information about fighting identity theft from the Federal Trade Commission.