Today's weather is courtesy of a classic air battle. To the north is a high pressure system centered over New Brunswick. Off Cape Hatteras is a low pressure system that used to be hurricane Ida. In between is the Atlantic Coast from Maryland to Massachussetts where the fringes of ex-Ida are bashing into the calm Canadian. The pressure gradient between the two means the Jersey Shore is taking a pounding. Sustained, gale force, onshore winds are responsible for coastal flood warnings in New Jersey and coastal flood advisories for much of Long Island Sound and city's Atlantic beaches.

In the city we can expect brisk winds around 25 mph through this evening. The temperature will hold steady in the lower 50s. Rain is a virtual certainty from this afternoon until tomorrow morning. Some rain may be heavy as ex-Ida approaches, especially on the eastern end of Long Island. The storm does not look like it will make much progress against the high and it will slowly move out to sea as Saturday progresses.

Wind and clouds will diminish on Sunday as the storm moves further away. There may even be a bit of sun by Sunday afternoon, which should have a high in the mid 60s. A cold front from the midwest will pass through town on Monday, leading to a sunny and seasonable week next week.