With the worst of the weekend's cold behind us, a warm front is moving in—and with it comes snow, freezing rain, and potentially icy conditions that have led area airports to delay and cancel hundreds of flights, just as people start returning from the long weekend.

As of 1:40 p.m., 148 flights in and out of Newark were cancelled and 190 were delayed; 129 flights in and out of LaGuardia were cancelled and 159 were delayed; and 150 flights in and out of JFK were delayed, though "only" 49 were cancelled there.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, the three airports have all issued ground delay programs due to snow and ice until midnight tonight. (Ground delays often go into effect during inclement weather to control traffic flow.) Waits are averaging nearly four hours at Newark, and things aren't much better at LaGuardia, where passengers can expect to sit tight for over two hours. Things are marginally better at JFK, with an average delay of 108 minutes.

But at least passengers killing time at JFK were treated to some classical music in the JetBlue terminal: