intellicast radar for nyThis morning was not our favorite morning. Because of the extreme humidity Gothamist was a big ball of sweat before we had to climb the stairs in Morningside Park. With a dew point of 72 degrees and an air temperature of 82 there's not much cooling power to the air. AccuWeather's RealFeel temperature is up to 98 degrees, but's Feels Like temperature is only 87. We noticed another measure of heat and humidity as we climbed the 116th Street stairs. The odors have inspired Gothamist to issue our first U.S.A., or Urine Stink Alert. Any way you look at it this weather is really gross.

Some relief, at least from the odors, is in store as rain hits the city today. Look for light rains this morning and early afternoon and showers, possibly heavy at times later in the day. Don't be surprised if there is a torrential downpour this evening. Rain will be likely through tomorrow as well.

As we mentioned yesterday a cold front should kick all the humidity out of here by Friday. Temperature forecasts for this weekend are all over the place. The National Weather Service, which Gothamist is leaning toward as the most realistic forecast, says it will be sunny and hot, highs around 90, through Monday. AccuWeather agrees with the NWS by calling for a hot Friday, but then says there will be a slight cooling off (mid-80s) on Saturday and Sunday. has a third opinion: mid-80s on Friday, near 90 on Saturday, then cooling back to the mid-80s on Sunday. Meteorology – such an exact science that we need to cut NOAA's research budget.

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