Wollman Rink; Photo: Tien Mao

While NYC's ice rinks are tempting, as well as a fun time, you do tend to hear stories about people breaking an arm or slipping. And since it involves people on thin blades of metal on ice, it's not that surprising. That's why, even though we know we're living in the most litigious city in the country, Gothamist was taken aback when we read skating-related lawsuits have topped $100 million. The city hasn't had to pay out money since many skating rinks are operated by skating rink concessionaires (the Trump Organization runs Wollman and Lasker rinks, for example), but some of the lawsuits do seem egregious. Like blaming the crowds at the ice rink. Gothamist must say, while some ice rinks could stand to be better run, suing the ice rink because you fall seems extreme. We wonder if ice rinks will make people sign waivers before skating.

Do you think ice rinks should be held responsible for accidents, to the extent of paying millions of dollars? What are your skating tips? And Gothamist on skating rinks in the city - our tip is to wear lots of layers, go slow, and go with someone who knows how to skate.

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