Drug turf wars, sure. Mafia gangland shootings, fine. But grandparents getting beaten up in an ice cream truck turf war? Apparently a route along Harlem has been contested for years, and Juana and Luis Marrero (ages 64 and 63) were beaten by their rivals, Fernando Esparza, 51, and Librada Veron, 49, when the Marreros were dropping off their truck at a truck depot in the South Bronx on Saturday. Worse, they hit one of the Marreros' fifteen grandchildren in the attack as well - 15 year-old Dominique tried to stop the attack. The manager of the depot said of the suspects, "They're conniving. They're spiteful. They don't want to see anyone make a buck except for them." The Daily News says that the Marreros have been selling ice cream for the past 35 years in Harlem and upper Manhattan..

It makes Gothamist look at a Mr. Softee truck much differenlty.