The cost of peddling pills out of an ice cream truck? Three and a half years. That's how long Staten Islander Louis Scala, Jr., was sentenced to today for his role in drug dealership that operated out of a Lickety Split truck in Richmond County.

So how'd it work? Scala obtained oodles of oxycodone pills thanks to an accomplice in a Manhattan orthopedic surgeon's office and sold a total of 43,000 pills worth $1 million dollars in less than a year. He'd sell the pills from the truck at special stops after making his regular route.

Scala's accomplice in the surgeon's office is currently serving six months in jail for her role. Charges against Scala's alleged partner in crime, Joseph Zuffalo, are still pending. Meanwhile the 29-year-old "ringleader," whose father happens to be a cop, is settling in for the long haul. Which his family doesn't seem happy about. At court today, all the Post reporter could get out of them was this statement from Scala's lawyer: "The family is looking forward to moving on."