After numerous allegations of rampant sexual harassment, Fox News personality Geraldo Rivera defended Roger Ailes by likening him to the bear in The Revenant and called accusers "vindictive." Now that Ailes is out at Fox News and the network's parent company has given Gretchen Carlson a $20 million settlement and apology for all that she endured, Rivera is suddenly regretful.

In a long, rambling Facebook post first describing how awesome Ailes is, Rivera says, "Roger resigned two days later when it became apparent that Gretchen was not alone in alleging abhorrent behavior behind his closed doors. Now I am filled with regret for stubbornly discounting their various allegations. The Murdochs would not have turned the world upside down but for good cause. Moreover, I apologize for my skepticism. Like victims of sexual assault, those alleging harassment deserve the presumption of credibility."

And then Geraldo implies his new take on Ailes comes only after a potential book deal was killed:

Even Ailes’ personal Inspector Javert, Gabriel Sherman, the New York Magazine writer I have called a “nerd with a grudge” deserves my apology. He is on the right side of history. Might does not mean right. I was wrong, and am paying the price.

I learned Tuesday September 6th that after being enthusiastically received, because of my uninformed support of Mr. Ailes, and the relatively flattering portrayal of him in an early manuscript of my war memoir, “Geraldo of Arabia, From Tora Bora to Trump, ” as a direct result, HarperCollins has chosen not to publish.

So what happens now? For one thing, the Ailes scandal will continue to percolate at least in part because of the fear and loathing by competitors for Fox News, the ratings leader. Because it suits their perceived competitive advantage, CNN and other news networks will continue to report, repeat and regurgitate every detail in this melancholy saga. Now that Mr. Sherman has been hired by MSNBC, he will most assuredly be encouraged to stay obsessively focused.

Although that is understandable, it is not fair. Having worked at all the networks over the last 47 years I can say definitively that the social culture is industry wide. Our rivals would all be better served to clean their own houses.

If Rivera knows that this culture is "industry-wide," why hasn't he done anything? It's pretty bold for him to play the victim.

His former Fox News colleague Greta Van Susteren also emphasized that she's on Team Gretchen, "It is indeed true, when I read the complaint written by lawyers - I never spoke to Gretchen as she was long gone from Fox - I found it inconsistent with what was my experience and information at the Fox News Channel, admittedly working 200 miles from the 'scene of the crimes.' It was hidden from all of us." Van Susteren, whose departure from the network was announced on Tuesday just as Carlson's settlement was revealed, was based in D.C.

Van Susteren also blames other Fox executives and the Murdochs—Rupert, James and Lachlan—for not doing more, "I regret that Roger Ailes was not supervised by those in a public corporation who had the duty to supervise him. This included his seniors, the CFO's of both Fox News Channel and 21CF (and its predecessor NewsCorp), the Board of Directors and what I assume this public corporation had, outside auditors. Checks written that were suspicious should have been spotted."