The papers have been wondering about Fernando Ferrer's new tagline, "It's a great city. It could be greater." with the NY Times wonders if it'll even be remembered, the Observer's Politicker guesses its inspiration. It certainly smacks of the "duh" and "whatever" factor (our subways are great...but they could be greater), but Gothamist was actually reminded of city's (and Mayor Bloomberg's) desire to say we're "The World's Second Home." Because, stupid attracts stupid, Gothamist can only assume that the Bad Idea Bears from Avenue Q have been loitering around the slogan-making rooms of Bloomberg and Ferrer. We hope that in 2009 there will be slogans like "Vote or You Will Die In NYC" or "NYC - More Rats, More Cowbell" because we'd understand that, at least.

The Mayor called Ferrer a flip-flopper (sadly, there's no footage of Ferrer windsurfing) while Ferrer criticized the Mayor's West Side Stadium attempts. And the NY Times looks at the black vote and how that may affect this year's election.

Photograph from Rick Lyons, who created the Avenue Q puppets and plays many roles in the musical; we interviewed the creators of the show, Jeff Marx and Robert Lopez, last year