We had kicked back to watch TV the other evening - live, not TiVo'd - when we started to see an "I ♥ NY" logo on screen. Awesome, we though, as the logo got bigger. But then the NY was replaced by...a freaking Honda Accord! Honda paid NY State $45,000 to use the logo in their ad which is appearing in the NY-area, and to us, that's getting peanuts. No wonder NY State has so much debt and such a terrible credit rating! Bobby Zarem who promoted the slogan, created to kick NY State out of its 1970s slump, is disgusted by the ad while Milton Glaser, who created the logo, is flattered. Feh, we rather car companies co-opt our neighborhood names, not claim that we love them.

Gothamist on the logo and the city's plan for a logo (we don't think that's materialized yet - unless you call Made in NY a logo that sucks).