The horrifying murder and dismemberment of a Bronx mother turned even more awful when it was revealed that her son—accused of killing herposed with her head. Now the son's friend, who was also charged with dissecting and disposing of Tanya Byrd's body, is speaking, telling the Daily News that he was scared into committing the crime.

William Harris, 26, spoke to the News from Rikers Island and said he only agreed to help Bashid McLean, 23, because McLean "was yelling. I just turned to spaghetti. My insides were spaghetti. I didn’t know what else to do." McLean, who may be schizophrenic, was apparently very persuasive: Harris explained, "A lot was happening. He was screaming.... I was against what he was doing, but I did it because of his condition."

It's believed that McLean killed Byrd on Sunday night in their Bronx apartment, and then stole money from her to buy a Black & Decker power saw, which he used to cut her up body. Harris was spotted on surveillance video carrying bags with her remains; he told the News, "[McLean] told me to open the bag. He told me to take it out."

A dog and his owner found one of the bags on Eagle Avenue on Tuesday morning. McLean and Harris were arrested soon after, with McLean facing murder and dismemberment charges and Harris facing dismemberment charges.

While McLean has denied any wrongdoing, it's believed that Byrd had asked McLean to move out, prompting his rage (another suspicion is simply that McLean hated his mother). his maternal aunt told the Post, "That’s horrible. We are horrified by it. We don’t know this person. We don’t know where he comes from — if it is the same blood that runs through our veins runs through his veins."