The man behind a series of possibly eight armed subway robberies has been arrested, according to police. Vinegar Hill resident Eric Gay, 43, was collared last night and charged with robbery for a string of subway muggings in the East Village, Brooklyn, the West Village and Queens. Investigators say Gay told each of his victims that not only was he armed, but he also had a silencer.

Gay's alleged robbery spree, which lasted from Sunday through Wednesday, relieved victims of their wallets and electronic devices at subway stations at West 4th Street, Dekalb Avenue, Avenue U in Sheepshead Bay, 2nd Avenue and Houston Street, and in Queens.

CBS2 reports that police tracked Gay down using an app on an Android phone that he allegedly stole Wednesday night. During a canvass of the area, a witness riding along with police spotted Gay leaving a building, and he was arrested. But instead of being booked, CBS 2 reports that Gay was taken to Kings County Hospital Center, for reasons that remain unclear. An NYPD spokesman could not say why Gay was hospitalized.