15-year-old Queens teenager Brianna Demato likes the ladies, and she's at that age where she wants to share all her likes and dislikes with the world. Lately she's been wearing her "I Enjoy Vagina" T-Shirt to Newtown High School, which she alternates with her beloved "I’m the Bitch From Down the Block" shirt. Brianna claims she's worn the vaginal shirt dozens of times to school without incident, but that all changed during lunch hour yesterday, when a dean spotted Brianna eating and declaring her love for vagina at the same time.

She was hauled into the Assistant Principal's office, where she was told to change into a different shirt or she'd have to leave. When she refused, her mother was summoned. But if Newtown High administrators thought Brianna's mortified mother would force her daughter to hide her vaginal love under a bushel, they don't know the first thing about Ms. Cathy Demato, 39.

“They’re discriminating against Brianna," Demato tells the Daily News. "They pulled her out of class for nothing. She’s not hurting anyone. It’s her right to wear that shirt." The school disagreed, and Demato claims that after she refused to make her daughter lose the vagina, a dean called school safety agents to escort them off campus. A DOE spokesperson says, "The language on the shirt was likely to cause disruption and the language is inappropriate for school." This is exactly why sex-ed instructers in NYC refer to vaginas as hoo-has.

But Demato shows no signs of backing down, and vowed to send her daughter to school today wearing her "I’m the Bitch From Down the Block" shirt, because "the message is, she can wear whatever she wants. You can’t stop somebody from being who they are. My daughter is whoever she wants to be." Nevertheless, some of Brianna's classmates aren't comfortable with such prominently enjoyed vagina. One 16-year-old girl tells the News, "I wouldn't want my kids wearing a shirt like that," but we're pretty sure the "I Enjoy Vagina" logo doesn't come in baby onesies anyway.