Last year, NJ legalized medical marijuana for people suffering from chronic illnesses, but the law has been in limbo ever since because of a long debate over restrictions, and how to implement it. While the process goes on, the state Department of Health and Senior Services closed off the application period to set up the six centers that will be allowed to grow and sell pot—only 20 potential operators, who had to pay $20,000 each, are being considered for those dispensaries. But the Post reports that 541 people wrote requesting information on how to apply. Among those people were pharmacists, farmers, and a "bunch of dopey dope-smokers." Here are some highlights below (warning: many sics ahead):

  • "I have experience in growing cannibas. I have a very well thought out procedure for growing cannibas and also a variety of different weeds that can stimulate a human beings mind into feelin high...i hope someone high up can reach out to me because I can explain many things about this plant New Jersey tends to grow."
  • "I am a recent graduat from Rutgers."
  • "I am interested in opening a Alternative Treatment Center. My main goal aside from distributing the marijuana for smoking purposes, would be to offer things like cookies, chocolates, cakes and ice cream as an alternative way for patients to use marijuana."
  • "How I ken have Applications for Medicinal Marijuana?"
  • "As a recent college graduate my employment prospects have been bleak; as a consequence I have been motivated to seize the opportunity of starting my own business for the legal production of medical marijuana."
  • An ex-con worried about a misdemeanor drug-possession arrest in Virginia in 2008: "Am I still eligible to run a alternative treatment center?" he asked.
  • "I am interested in participating with the process of establishing and managing a Not-for-profit Alternative Treatment Center. I am retired from AT&T, and would like to continue to utilize my life skills."