The woman accused of donning a cat mask and robbing stores in Manhattan and Queens was convicted today. However, Shana Spalding yelled, "I’m not the Catwoman," as she was led from court.

Last December, Spalding, 29, was found guilty of stealing from various stores in 2010. Today, she was sentenced to 10 years, and prosecutors said Spalding armed herself with a toy gun and targeted stores with certain employees; ADA Craig Ortner said, "She purposely preyed on young vulnerable women who were doing nothing more than working at the store, and she chose to hold them up," and added, "She continues to manipulate and she continues to blame everyone but herself. In reality, she has no one to blame but herself." Further, Ortner revealed that Spalding was recorded making death threats from prison, "She hopes the district attorney and the jury all die."

Spalding told the judge, "Your honor, I’m not a violent person...The toy gun was in my bag. I never took it out. I didn’t even know it was in there," and her lawyer said, "“Her motivation has always remained the same, that the boyfriend of her friend forced her to do these things." But the judge said the thefts were "malignant... Your utterly antisocial behavior cannot be tolerated."

When she was removed from the courtroom, she yelled at court officers, "Get off me!" and told photographers, "Stop taking pictures, you bastards!"