A lawyer admitted that he spent four years harassing a woman he dated for four months, the U.S. Attorney's office announced on Wednesday. In one email sent a month after they broke up, David Waldman wrote, "where are you and when will you be back in my life? i am not a patient man. i have tried every tact i know of to get you to have contact with me. i am running out of options. i am not too proud to show the f--- up at your apartment unannounced. i am crazy enough to do it, too. you should know that. I am not playing around anymore... women like you come around once, twice. maybe three times in a lifetime. that means you are rare. and valuable. and something to be kept and cherished. and cherished can mean held hostage and bound and gagged inside my apartment."

According to the U.S. Attorney's office, Waldman, of Inwood, pleaded guilty to an "extensive cyberstalking and threats campaign"—which started in 2014—that included hundreds of texts, voicemail messages, and email messages as well as posts on blogs he created, like Executiverecruitingskank.blogspot.com, where he said that she "had been diagnosed with bipolar and narcissistic personality disorder, used drugs, and fabricated claims that she had been a victim of child sexual abuse."

The complaint notes that he once wrote in a blog post, "i only hope you don't die of cervical cancer before i can fuck up your sh--- ... i will impact your life greatly and negatively. mark my words... i am obsessed with f---ing up your s---. and i always achieve the things i put my mind to." He added, "i am going to change your life for the worse. and I am going to enjoy it. and fuck the collateral damage to your family. i swear it." In another excerpt from the complaint, he admitted writing to her parents, "this f---ng c--- is going to pay. for having broke [sic] your heart and made you cry and made you feel cheap as well as the letter i wrote to your dad wherein i essentially told him his daughter is a f---ed up whore. but that was only the beginning [S]leep tight. but trust me, things are going to get worse for you."

Waldman also allegedly contacted her employers, claiming she smoked pot and used cocaine, recommending that she be tested for drugs.

The victim obtained orders of protection from the Manhattan DA's office in 2014, including one that was to last through 2019. As recently as this year, she was sent emails telling her, "You should be put down. Put down like a dog."

Waldman, who was arrested in June, pleaded guilty to one count of cyberstalking, which carries a maximum sentence of five years.

The victim's lawyer, Carrie Goldberg, said, "The crime may be called ‘cyberstalking.’ However, there was nothing ‘cyber’ about the pain and terror Waldman inflicted upon our client." Goldberg's firm also shared this message on Facebook, "David Waldman spent four years of his life ruining our client's. The deluge of harassing calls, texts, emails, lies, and frightening threats to her reputation seemed endless. Yesterday, Waldman pled guilty in court to federal cyberstalking and will be sentenced on November 22. We are grateful to the investigators and lawyers at the DOJ for their brilliant collaboration on this case with us. And, of course, to our brave client who can now see a future free of this nightmare!"