Back in August, there was a really bizarre incident where a man's come on to a 19 year old lesbian escalated into her and her friends beating and stabbing him in the stomach outside the IFC Center in the Village. Now, the seven NJ women have been charged with first degree assault and first degree gang assault in the attack of 28 year old Queens resident Dwayne Buckle. Buckle allegedly said "Let me get some of that" to the group of young lesbians, and then grabbed Patreese Johnson's arm and spat on on Renata Hill. So Johnson said that in self-defense, she grabbed her steak knife while Hill hit him. Johnson's statement: "Then everyone jumped in because he is a man. Then some young men had helped us. After that we walked away. I admit I did cut him one time for my own safety."

Buckle, a filmmaker, claims he said "Hi" and "How are you doing," and called the attack a "hate crime against a straight man." The women argue he was calling them anti-gay slurs. While the case will be settled in the courts, let this be a lesson to anyone on the street trying to pick up women: They might have steak knives in their purses.

And holla back at street harrassers.

IFC Center (nee Waverly Theater) by RumAli on flickr.