2007_03_herbicide.jpgGardeners who tend to an East 79th Street sidewalk gardens have been waging a war against a woman who tears off climbing hydrangea vines off trees. Gardeners Charles Dean and Skip Wachsberger have posted signs saying ,"MADAME, your attacks on our climbing hydrangeas are VANDALISM. Please stop it! The gardener." That might be the the most polite "MInd your f***ing business" sign ever!

The woman apparently think that the vines, which flower in the summer, are killing the trees, but Dean told the Post, "Hydrangeas are grown in gardens all over the world. They are not dangerous like that," while Wachsberger added, "The vines co-exist with the trees. Climbing hydrangeas are very slow-growing." See, even in the big city we learn new things about greenery!

Last year, a man was arrested in Union Square Park after ripping off the branches of trees. He tore up 23 hydrangea bushes, 7 roses of Sharon, 3 butterfly bushes, a Chinese dogwood, a magnolia tree and more than 20 ornamental trees., but was found unfit to stand trial later on.

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