2006_11_chappaqua.jpgYesterday, police questioned the husband of the woman who was shot in the head after a gunman ambushed them on a Westchester road. Peggy Perez-Olivo died of her injuries on Monday, and police are checking out her husband's story, as well as investigating possible evidence in their Chappaqua home, looking at computers, cellphones and Blackberrys.

Carlos Perez-Olivo, who was shot in the stomach but managed to drive himself and his wife to the hospital, had been recently disbarred; according to the NY Times, police are investigating whether the shooting has come from a disgruntled client. Some other questions are being raised about whether or not a gunman could have opened one of the back doors, as Carlos Perez-Olivo told the police (apparently their SUV might have a feature that automatically locks the doors if the car is in gear), and why he was driving along Saw Mill River road between Manhattan and Chappaqua, as it's not the most direct route.

Neighbors and other Chappaqua townspeople have said there didn't seem to be any trouble in their marriage.