Last October, two young boys nearly killed real estate broker and avid volunteer Marion Salmon Hedges by tossing a shopping cart from a fourth story walkway. The 12- and 13-year-old boys were given lenient sentences, largely because Hedges reportedly said she "bears no ill will" to them. But her husband does hold the shopping center where the incident occurred responsible—and now he's suing the center for having lax security.

Michael Hedges claims in the lawsuit against the East River Plaza shopping center that if there had been enough security at the mall, the two teens wouldn’t have been able to send the shopping cart plunging four stories onto his wife’s head.

Hedges had come to the East Harlem shopping complex to buy Halloween candy for needy children when the incident occurred. Ultimately, Manhattan Family Court Judge Susan Larabee decided jail time was too harsh for the tweens, one of whom was "extremely remorseful" about what happened.