Three years ago, a public school teacher was found fatally stabbed in her Staten Island home by her husband. It was initially thought that Simeonette Mapes-Crupi was the victim of a home invasion robbery gone wrong, but then police arrested husband Jonathan Crupi. Now, a jury has found Crupi guilty of murder.

According to the Staten Island Advance, Mapes-Crupi "confronted him about his lies and frequent philandering with prostitutes" on July 5, 2012.

Prosecutors allege the former high school English teacher pushed his wife down the stairs at their home and then stabbed her 15 times after she told him she wanted to separate.

Crupi covered up the killing by cleaning up the crime scene and staging a home invasion robbery before heading out to run a series of errands and sleep with a prostitute, prosecutors allege. He called 911 when he returned home that afternoon to report his wife's death.

However, there was only circumstantial evidence (no murder weapon was found) and Crupi's attorney insisted that his client couldn't have committed the crime and that their marriage was fine.

Crupi never testified, and a jury reached its verdict after two hours of deliberation. Acting Richmond County DA Daniel Master said, "Armed with only circumstantial evidence, ADAs Wanda DeOliveira and Guy Tardanico were able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Jonathan Crupi murdered his wife. These talented prosecutors successfully argued that marital fights centered on the defendant’s proclivity to patronize prostitutes and his failure to complete his master’s degree provided the motive for him to murder his spouse. Internet searches the defendant did on ‘how to throat slash’ and ‘what destroys DNA’ show that he had been planning his cold- blooded slaying several months before finally carrying out his evil plan."