The lone fatality during Thursday's tornado was the death of a 30-year-old woman. Aline Levakis and her husband had been driving on the Grand Central Parkway in Queens when the storm hit. Levakis decided to pull over, only for a tree branch to fall and crush the car, killing her. Husband Billy Levakis told friends and family, "She was the best person ever created. God gave her to me. She was 30 years younger than me, but she loved me so much."

The couple were visiting from Mechanisburg, PA, to pick up files from an attorney. Billy Levakis, who used to own a diner in Flushing (which is where he met Aline in 2002), was treated for minor injuries at New York Queens Hospital. Billy Levakis' son Steven said stepmother was "the glue of the family." The Post adds, "When Billy's 16-year-old grandson was critically hurt in a car accident last summer, it was Aline who spent hours at his bedside, feeding him soup she'd puréed and encouraging him to get on with physical therapy."

Steven Levakis also said, "My dad hasn't slept. He's not well at all," and that his father told him, "She never had a bad bone in her body... She would watch out for me; she was scared for losing me. But it happened the other way."