Police have charged a Maryland man for the murder of his wife after he had claimed that the two of them were carjacked while driving home from Brooklyn along the NJ Turnpike. 26-year-old Serika Dunkley Holness was found in the couple's blue Honda Accord along the side of the road in Crumpton, MD with stab wounds and fractured ribs yesterday morning. 28-year-old Ryan Holness told police that a masked assailant carjacked the couple at a gas station along the Turnpike and had them drive him to Marlyand, where the supposed attacker bound him in duct tape and left him on the side of the road. A man who eventually helped him and called police said that Holness did not know how he got to Maryland and the carjacker had hit him in the groin. The couple, who were married in Jamaica two years ago, had a home in Brooklyn as well as in Maryland and were returning from a visit with Serika Holness's aunt in Canarsie.