A is for Ana, heading for the DR. B is for Bill, staying out to sea. C is for Claudette, making the south wet. After a slow start the Atlantic hurricane season hopped to life over the weekend with three named storms. The strongest, Hurricane Bill, looks like it will stay out to sea. The lady storms would have the potential to drop some rain our way were it not for the appearance of another stranger this summer.

An upper level ridge has finally asserted itself over the Northeast. Time for a heat wave! The mercury rose above 90 yesterday and is expected to repeat that today and tomorrow. The National Weather Service has issued a Heat Advisory for both days—the city just announced one for today— and an Air Quality Alert for today. Slow down and be prepared for highs in the mid 90s and plenty o' humidity.

A cold front will try to slink south under the ridge Tuesday night. That's cause for much forecast uncertainty. Best best: good chance of showers and thunderstorms from tomorrow night through Friday with temperatures in the mid 80s to near 90. Ahh, the dog days of August, how we hate you so.